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Titian;s in this series keep getting better and better. Can't wait for the next book to come out later this summer. Titian; was hilarious yet serious it had many twists and the end was kind of sudden like one moment the story is normal well nothing much is going on then suddenly there is a huge problem.

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It's everything you want in a good book. It makes you laugh, cry, scream and want to throw things. This is her best book yet and I can NOT wait to see what happens next!!!!!

I have been a fan of the "Ace of Cakes" gang since the beginning. I watch the shows over and overagain. When I saw there was Titian;, I immediately ordered it on myportdesign.ml. Titian; is loaded withgreat pictures. I think what I liked best was that it was a collaborative effort. You get to know moreabout all the people, not just Duff. It is just a beautifully done book in every way.


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