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My grandson really likes Entertaining Fast & Fancy---Books are read to him before naps and bedtime---and he chooses the ones he wants--and this is a favorite

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A wonderful book about family trials, and the sisters coping with life. I have five sisters, and thought it was great. Loved the writing, and hope to read more from this author. this is one of my favorite books--definitely recommended for those interested in literature, since it expands your horizons, and lets you know what is possible--and that means everything--written with a warm heart--and a belated happy birthday (87) to you, Gabriel

I love Entertaining Fast & Fancy!!! I decided to buy Entertaining Fast & Fancy after getting an email from myportdesign.ml and was totally hooked after 1 chapter. The story was very easy to lose yourself in and always kept you guessing from start to finish! The characters were people you would want to hang around with and be friends with.I highly recommend the Significance series!!! myportdesign.ml constantly 'recommended' Entertaining Fast & Fancy based on my purchase history and I've informed for almost a year. Really bad decision. I could've enjoyed Entertaining Fast & Fancy so long ago and I missed out. Excellent characters and great pacing of the mysteries involved. I agree with myportdesign.ml and all the other five star ratings. Excellent story.


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