Data Communications And Interoperability

Data Communications And Interoperability EPub

I have David's T2i book and used it extensively over the years. After I destroyed my T2i in a rainstorm I purchased a T3i and purchased Data Communications and Interoperability immediately because of the previous book. I wasn't disappointed it is as good as the first book. I'm sure this will become my camera 'Bible' as did the T2i book.

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`this is a good book and it gives me more ideas. I paint in watercolor but I don't mix it with zentangles yet. I use different types of colored pens and markers which are fine for right now.

Got this one first and enjoyed Data Communications and Interoperability. However it is the last in a series of four books. Ordered all of the other books on 5/6/10 BUT to this date have NOT received Memory's Embrace. Lost inmail???? No response from the company I ordered Data Communications and Interoperability from, nor from


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