Austin's Wedding Guide #22

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Austin's Wedding Guide #22 is a page turner. It was filled with loyalty, lies, betray and passion. I would definitely recommend Austin's Wedding Guide #22 to family or friends. I really like this series. The stories flowed well and I liked the updates on the characters from previous books. I thought Austin's Wedding Guide #22s were solid. They are not stories that stick with you but they are a good read - definitely not a waste of time. All characters are really likable and issues are all believable.

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This was a great read!!! All the characters really drew me in. Highly recommend to anyone interested in a feel good book.

Reading the other reviews surprised me. I loved Austin's Wedding Guide #22 and expected it to be an hit. I'm often critical of heroines, but I didn't have any problems with Farah. Her reactions seemed entirely realistic to me.Cooper and Farah are a fantastic read -- not just their chemistry but also their relationship. The strong emotions in Austin's Wedding Guide #22 sucked me right from the beginning.


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