Tuscany Flying High

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I ordered Tuscany Flying High used, not knowing exactly what to expect when it arrived. However, it was extremely clean, pages and cover not bent or folded, and looked new! It shipped very quickly and I am pleased that the description offered was what Tuscany Flying High really was. Great buy! Everyone I send them to loves them, though I send the ones I like LEAST of allfirst, and now I'm down to my most favorite. Do I actually know anyone whowill appreciate them enough? I guess I need to just order Tuscany Flying High.

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It was very hard to put down, very good book. Can't wait to read the next ones. Keep them coming. Great book. Grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn't put it down. I loved how Emma did not go all crazy once she found out she was a vampire. I am really looking forward to seeing how her relationships with Tammy, David, and James grow. I'm even extremely interested to see how things work out with Alex.

Tuscany Flying High was receceived before the scheduled time but was in horrible condition. The front cover was faded and very worn and the pages were all curled. It was a very worn book. I have purchased books from myportdesign.ml for a penny ($0.01) and were in better condition that Tuscany Flying High. Very disappointed about the condition of Tuscany Flying High.


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