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but, First Book in Physiology and Hygienes are not as engrossing for some reason. All the earlier works before the death of Lynleys wife dying are terrific after that not so good. but I will likely read the next The characters in First Book in Physiology and Hygiene jump out and beg to be loved. Excellent book. Finished in one day! Waiting for the next one!

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Not super practical for me at the moment but I'm working up to it. It's more for advanced fitness than Intermediate but a nice book, not too extreme! i have only one question what and where is Dzo at the end? other than that, this is a good book. starts kind of predictable at first and then really takes off with a few twists. really like the chapters going back in chey's childhood before and after the attack. like 13 bullets, i read this is a day or so. once it gets going and you get into it you will be hungry like the wolf!!

I have read First Book in Physiology and Hygiene several times, and my adult daughter has not read it, so I bought it for a stocking stuffer for Christmas. It is the perfect gift, and one that you can read and reread over the years.As with everything you order from, it arrives promptly and in great condition.


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