Correctional Counseling And Rehabilitation

TextBook Correctional Counseling And Rehabilitation

I liked the story, but found all the philosophical rants between the characters boring. There were far too many and nearly every character indulged in several.The characters are well-drawn, however, and remain consistent and true throughout Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation. The "big surprises" were predictable and I had them figured out too quickly for my taste,but all in all it wasn't' a bad read.

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Patterson doesn't disappoint in this non typical whodunit! I loved all the characters, plot twists and twisted love stories! Great book! Great book. I'm a big fan of this author; always excited about any new books by her. As usual, I didn't want to put this one down. Highly recommend!

Nancy in Tacoma, WA :This classic story from 1938 still charms 74 years later. Thank you for offering Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation on Kindle.


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