Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series)

TextBook Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series)

The entirety of Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series) ended up being an intro to the series, instead of a compelling story in its own right. The main character and the mutual high-school level of infatuation between him and his love interest god REALLY old, VERY quickly. Was not even remotely interested in seeing the rest of the story play out. I loved Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series)! It's very east to loose yourself reading Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series), you just want to know what happens next. Very easy to read in one setting!

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This is the first book I have read by this author. Great book! Can't wait to read others in this series! It was a good book but the story isn't that great. Really funny and some great action. Very enjoyable book

I really enjoyed Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series). Funny, fast read and the more I read by this author, the more I want to read. Too bad only lets us check out 1 free book a month. My daughter simply loves Wicked, when we saw it they had Mordecai Richler (Twayne's World Authors Series) for purchase and I had a mind to go back and purchase it for her as a gift for christmas or her birthday but looked it up on and found it at a more reasonable price. Another great gift for her, she was thrilled and can't wait for the 10th anniversary items to come out later this year!!!


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