Der Abenteuerliche Simplicissimus

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I read all kinds of books and probably read at least 5 books a month and this is the worst book I have read in a long time. Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus is boring and brings up important issues that are NOT explored. Please don't waste your time reading this. I bought it for my kindle because I saw it had good ratings, but I have no clue how people gave Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus positive feedback. I first only read this because it was given to me by a friend. I'm so glad I read it tho. It is truly a life-changing book. The quotes and music references and b the real life struggles make it real. Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus has helped me find b myself. I'm around the same age as Charlie and he is so wise and taught me so much. I never thought I could learn so much from a fictional character.

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Is quite a good book to have in any home where a child may lose someone. Very helpful. Thanks A++++++

I really liked Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus; anyone who likes historical fiction will enjoy it!!!!! And thanks to for suggesting it! The dust cover was ripped when I receivedDer abenteuerliche Simplicissimus. I like the cookbook very much,but I don't appreciate sending mea ripped dust cover. This was supposedto be a Christmas gift. I bought this new,not used.


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