Baby Shower Master Planner: Quality Information at Your Fingertips

Great book! I read it so fast I was sad when it was over. I wished there were more to come!

What Works at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Nine Strategies for Increasing Retention and Graduation Rates

Great book can't wait for another in series. This one repeats the great stories the other two started.!!!!!!!!!!!!! .You will not regret reading this one.

Write, Monkey

Wonderful book that will resonant with all mothers. The story grabs you at the start, then the suspense builds. You won't want to put it down until the end. I read a great many books, but seldom one with a plot as gripping.

Twelve Stories and a Dream

This is a great book for people who aren't really very good at painting. Of course the ideas, patterns and methods would work for anyone, but it also shows you step-by-step which color to use, what to draw on the rock, etc. The little rock cars and rock town are darling and the lizards are cute and very realistic. This would be a fun summer project to do with your kids!

Testing Milk and Cream - With Information on the Methods and Equipment Used in Dairy Testing

this is a nice book to read, but at times it seems to be too long, but once you get to the end it is all worth the time

US House Committee on Government Reform Handbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library)

This is another of our favorite books. The kids love me to read it over and over and over.......This is also one of the few books I remember enough to quote from when I was a child. The name just has a certain ring to it which is easy to memorize and fun to say.

Harlan Coben Unabridged CD Collection: Promise Me, The Woods, Hold Tight

As a collector I hesitate to remove my old comics from their plastic sarcophagi.Looking at comics on computer lacks that tactile element that us baby boomers are so fond of. But, being able to read them in these wonderful books..complete with original letter pages...just GREAT!

A United Force (Steck-Vaughn Timeline Graphic Novels)

Great book with new facts. I don't how they get the stories on so many things but I love it. My friends don't because every time I tell an amzing fact or story they always say: Where did you get that,the bathroom reader? They think theses stories are made up. I get no respect!

Jolly Jelly Beans Stick-n-Sniff (Faith That Sticks)

Another really good book, that I neglected rating. Wish I had done so earlier just after reading. Read some time ago, but remember that I did like it a lot.

Extinct Boids

This is a great book keeping you in suspense until the end. You will be surprised at the ending but all is well that ends well. Hope to read the next book.

A Handbook For Travellers On The Continent: Being A Guide To Holland, Belgium, Prussia, Northern Germany, And The Rhine From Holland To Switzerland

Interesting history of baseball . . . excellent tidbits about changes and evolution from beginning. Book was published in 1950, so be aware that there is nothing covered beyond that year. Still a good book worth reading.

La Contribution Du Clergé De France À L'impôt Pendant La Seconde Moitié Du Règne De Louis Xiv (1689-1715) (French Edition)

Lots of children are afraid of the dark and need some help to get through the night. Mia’s Quest for Courage is a cute book that will do exactly that. It rhymes nicely and has a fun storyline. It would be a great book to read just before going to bed. Children will relate to Mia and enjoy the story.

Women Of The South Distinguished In Literature

Great read, had me hooked from the first page. Well written and had a good story line that makes the difference in separating the good books out of the many available.

Message of the President of the United States, transmitting a report of the Secretary of the Navy, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of c., relative to the naval expedition to Japan

Good book with many levels. Over lapping stories within stores and with several possible meanings. Really holds the reader's interest.

An original draught of the primitive church: in answer to a discourse entituled, An enquiry into the constitution, discipline, unity, and worship, of By a presbyter of the Church of England.

A good book when you don't want anything heavy. The story was a little too unrealistic but the characters were believable.

Report of the experimental and other work done at the State Experiment Station and in the School of AGriculture, Horticulture and Botany, University of Tennessee

I have just finished Arthur and so far I have truly enjoyed the series. I love his take on the legends. My favorite of the three first books was Taleisin but the others have been a pleasent read. Its not a nail biter but it is a good book. I really like how there isn't the usual magic. I really find this series refreshing so far!

The Cult of Yex Saga Part I: Second Cataclysm (Volume 1)

This is a good book for someone that wants to make hats for gifts. I would not recommend it to anyone who wants to make these to sell, they are too time consuming.

Creating Your First Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide to Write Your First Competitive Resume

Good book because it was very awesome and it rocks in the second series it was even more awesome and cool

FERPA and PPRA Handbook: The Full Text of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, and Their Regulations, 2012 Edition

This is get for my bookshelving problem. It allows me to have two of my favorite books but frees up much needed space on my bookshelf.

The Shaolin Temple

This non fiction collection will be handy for media professionals engaged in digital content. It is a text book like compilation, valuable resource but very technical. Not for the average reader. Not my favorite book for work, but has some valuable content.