Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)

Quick and easy read. This is the best book for folks going through changes at work and in life. I ha e purchased and given to many co workers.

Releasing Your Potential Expanded Edition

Really good book to read. Enjoyed the story. Would like others like this one. This was worth the money I spent.

American Farm Tractor Box

Great book! Well organized and great for any trip to Oz. They cover everything, and keep it easy to use. No complaints!

The Blue Ice

This was a great little book that keep me reading up to the end. It is well written and the author keeps the pace up and pulls you along with the main character's distress and anguish all the way through. The plot makes sense and the characters feel real. He does not use any gimmicks, only a good story line. Good book.

Victory Journal

This is a very well written book that tells a wonderful story. The characters are strong and well developed. I haven't read any other books by this author but I will.....this is a very good book! Hopefully we get another book or atleast a novella with more Flynn and Ellie!

Tricksters (Daughter of the Lioness, (Books 1 and 2))

Beautiful book with lovely illustrations. The illustrations really keep the kids attention and now they are reading it themselves. I need to take it off the shelf again.

Therapeutic Exercise For Musculoskeletal Injuries (Athletic Training Education Series)

This quick guide helped me to realize some important things about dog training. It is nice book especially for kids and also for my own dog. So if you have kids and want to buy them a puppy, grab a copy and you will not regret it! Great read!

Modernism, History and the First World War

I realized after I ordered the Kindle version that we had read the paperback two years ago....still read every word and was in suspense as to the ending....(forgot how it turned out). It was a great book and both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Wish there were lots more.Just started After the Darkness!


Words and colors were very good and enjoyable. A very nice book, but a little bit big I think for children.

Children's Object Lesson Sermons Based on the Common Lectionary Year B

in my small opinion this is her best book ever. it was so different from eny book she has ever wriitn. i loved it.

J. J. Johnson Trombone Jazz

Best book of the wallflower series by far. I've read all four and this is my favorite story. The plot is engaging and the love story is incredibly romantic. A fun, refreshing heroine... a sexy, frustrated hero... and all the sexual tension you can cut with a butter knife. Hehehe... what more could you want?

Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists (5th Edition)

And the unexpected twists continue. Good book. Can't wait to see how things will end. Waiting is the worse part.

Courage My Love

Great book. All I can say is I hope Christie can write fast lol! I'll die waiting for the fourth book! Lol ;) hope it comes out soon...

Primate Communication

Contains great advice on many marriage aspects. The section I like most is how to resolve conflicts with your spouse. We know how important this is as this can make or break a marriage if unresolved. Overall, a great book with useful tips I'll be using for my own marriage.

Monarch Butterfly (Welcome Books: Animals of the World (Paperback))

Very good book - written well. John come through once again! John doesn't talk at you - he shares with you like a friend.

Mathematical Modeling in Continuum Mechanics

It was a very good book. This is one of my favorite series. Can't wait to read more books. I am from Minnesota and I love reading books that take place here.

Preventative Medicine and Management for the Horse

Still continues to keep me buying her books...Always looking for ones that I haven't read...Recommend to all...A great book easy read

Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion, Vol. 1: Males (Nude) / Females (Nude)

Another wonderful book by on of my favorite Authors, I don't think you will be disappointed in reading anything she writes. Claudy has a way with the paranormal that catches you and holds you till the end then leaves you wanting more.

Brief Business Statistics Ctb IBM

This is probably weird but in a weird way I really wanted jas and goldie to work out. Overall great book.

The Captives

This is a great book so far, very educational and inspiring. Haven't finished it yet but still would highly recommend it. What's interesting is that it was written long ago but still holds true today. I'm thoroughly enjoying it!