A Manual Of Qualitative Analysis (1864)

Heart warming easy read for a quick pick me up mood, great book! Would definitely recommend this to those that enjoy a quick and easy read.

The Romance Of Diplomacy V2: Historical Memoir Of Queen Carolina Matilda Of Denmark, Sister To King George The Third

Really nice book about joy and happiness, I recommend it. Read it, and start living a joyful life now. 'A course in happiness' gives you inspirations to cultivate your own authentic happiness.

Twilight: Tenor Sax (Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-Along)

Maurice had family and military baggage. Layla ex boyfriend baggage. When the two end up in the same resort, her working,him trying to recover, chemistry takes over. There's only one problem. He has so many moods can they ever move past the past yo a future. Good book. Took you around the benda few times but they get there eventually.

Indian Pages and Pictures: Rajputana, Sikkim, the Punjab and Kashmir

a good book that shows the unsung heroes of WWII in the fight to keep the sea lanes open and the struggleto do what you have to do with what you have. a must read for history buffs

Mindfulness for Life: A Six-Week Guide to Inner Peace

Such a great horse he was. Very glad I at least saw him race on TV, good book about him

Garman and Worse A Norwegian Novel

I have read 3 different books about the story of the twelve princess, this one is the best. Jenni ideas always make me smile. I always seem to fall in love with her couples more then any other book I've read. I recommend this for anyone who wants to cuddle up to a good book.

Integral and Semi-Integral Bridges

Great book! Quick read and the story flowed easily! There's no need for it to be a trilogy because it got it's happy ending! I'm usually disappointed in trilogies, so they should just stop here!!!

Transport to Destiny

This was a good story it plled you in to se what would happen next. You became part of the story. Its a good book to read on a cold night so you can curl up in the bed and go to another place in your head.

Lessons in the New Geography (Classic Reprint)

My husband and I love this cartoon collection. It is a great book to pick up , enjoy a few laughs. The cartoons are adult humor. In these times a break for humor is a great choice. It's in our suitcase right now to take of vacation and show all our family... spreading the humor...

Orientalistische Literaturzeitung Volume 10 (German Edition)

Very good book! I like the chemistry already between Cole and Anna! Can't wait to read book 2 to see what happens!

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Tales of Adventure and Exploration: Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. the Journal of Julius Rodman

Good, well written book. Would recommend to anyone. In depth review of humanizing our prayers to God. A good book for us all.

Morphologie Der Huftbeinrudimente Der Cetaceen (German Edition)

I got this on a holiday special, but I would probably pay full price for it, as it's such a nice book. My son loves the gilt pages and the artwork is beautiful. He is 8 and in third grade, and I would say the writing is geared towards a year younger than he is in terms of ability. He loves all of the stories and comes back to it over and over.

A Handbook On the Gas Engine: Comprising a Practical Treatise On Internal Combustion Engines : For the Use of Engine Builders, Engineers, Mechanical of Internal Combustion Engines, and Others

This is one of my favorite books yet. Overwhelmingly romantic. I laughed, I cried, I couldn't put it down. Don't miss this one...

Report Of The Division Of Forestry

This is a great book to read if you are a Christian who has been hurting due to the spiritual battle and abuse that comes from within the four walls of the church.

Chino, California: Including its History, Planes of Fame Air Museum, Flo's Airport Cafe, and More

It was a great book. I really enjoyed a different way to visualize the work that trucks do. The illustrations were very appropriate for the message.

The new agriculture; or, The waters led captive

I would recommend to everyone. It is a great book, that I could read many, many times. Also it is part of a great series.

Des Aristophanes Werke. Erster Theil. (German Edition)

Good book, enjoyed it easy enough to read, thriling enough not to want to put it down . Arthur kept character, real.

The Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester: From the Year 1552 to the Year 1686, and from the Year 1731 to the Year 1846, Volume 5

It's a really good book.I especially like the ending. It seems to leave you at a cliff-hanger, and yet it feels... done somehow.

Paranoia: The Psychology of Persecutory Delusions

This was a very good book. I couldn't put it down ,if you like a mystery you will love it.

Minutes of proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Volume 134

It's a beautiful book, very high quality design, photography, and production. And pretty interesting facts. But I wish there were more topics covered. They could have cut back a little on some of the design elements and added more topics for top 10s. Perhaps this is for a younger kid? Or a kid who isn't looking for in-depth coverage.