Tramp Steamer and the Silver Bullet

It's a great book. I never knew how to know what's a monster. Although I was not expecting any other authors.

Rendezvous With Love (Starlight Romances)

And not very compelling either. I found this to be a sub-par entry in the Wolfe series. One of the most interesting parts of the investigation (Archie trying to give away $5000 and watching for reactions) didn't seem to go anywhere. I just didn't find this a very good book.

Afghans to knit & crochet

This is a great book.takes you inside sex drug's and rock and roll. I think it's so awesome she wrote her story one in every 4 person has been molested..I took a poll at work,it's true.pick yourself up a copy!!

Testing the New Deal: The General Textile Strike of 1934 in the American South (Working Class in American History)

I love to read and she is a good author. She has so many good books and these are some of my favorites.

Sources of Modern Architecture: A Critical Bibliography

Great book. Really enjoyed this. I liked the continuation of the story from the previous books. Get down and read it.

The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare (Oxford Companions)

this was a good book. It was very short but sweet. It was only one chapter long. It could have been longer.

The Little Oxford Bible, KJV: King James Version

Great book. Can't wait to read the others in the series. It was my first time reading anything from this author but I will definitely put her on my favorites list.

Maintenance Fundamentals, Second Edition

This is a good book, but leaves you hanging when it just stops! Upon further investigation, I found the second book free also. I will read it too, and hope for a good ending.

Personal and Social Skills: A Practical Approach for the Classroom

This was a great book and was entertaining. Most of the stories had to do with Christmas with a few having to do with Easter. Overall, very entertaining.

Love View

Good book to kill some time while on a plane. I enjoyed it. I didn't send it to the recyle bin.

The Rescue Man: A "Snafu Snatching" Rescue Pilot's Extraordinary Journey through World War II

Great book . . . just a note to say that it mentions availability of an online leadership assessment, instructing you to look for the access number on the dust jacket flap, but there is no dust jacket on the Kindle edition and therefore no access number. That turns out to be ok, because you can take the assessment anyway by going to the website itself. No number is needed.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook

Love the whole series! AN excellent reading!! Great book to read . Highly recommended for readers who love a good romantic story!!

Yajnaphalam of Bhasa (Introduction, Original Text, Sanskrit Commentary, English and Hindi Translation with Critical Notes)

A really good book about science as a way of thinking. It would make a good textbook.

Ester Ried

Very good book. Well written. I will be reading more of Kellermans books. There was a lot of mystery, however, there were a lot of characters to keep track of, but after awhile they all came together.

Projet de vie et construction identitaire chez des adolescents: en situation de handicap intellectuel scolarisés en Institut Médico-Technique (French Edition)

Lost continent, mixed ancient cultures that time forgot, scientific types and American eagle versus Russian bear military types equals good book. No swimming here. I will read next one.

Mensch Und Richter (German Edition)

this is a good book also Clary and crew get into so much . Kept my interest to go on to the next book cant wait for book 6 to see how it is all wrapped up in the end

La figure de lecteur dans les romans britanniques de 1719 à 1847: L'angoisse de réception (French Edition)

This was a very good book. I collect all of this series. I like the new direction that she is taking the series.

Die Versuchsanstalt für Binnenschiffbau, Duisburg (Forschungsberichte des Wirtschafts- und Verkehrsministeriums Nordrhein-Westfalen) (German Edition)

A good book, but not the best.

Women's Status in FM Radio Stations: in Addis Ababa

This a rather nice read, that is good if you have an appointment that runs late or cancels, its a good book to have for that twenty or thirty minutes that you may find needs filling during your day.

Erneuerbare Energie (German Edition)

This is a great book which I enjoyed immensely. It is a tale of swash-buckling warfare and still has wonderful moments of intimacy. I would recommend this period piece book to anyone seeking a return to a straight-forward, simpler method of story-telling.