Geometric Topology: Recent Developments (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)

this whole series was great. it was nice to read a good book with a good story line. I recommend.

Angel of Fire

This was a good book, didn't like how it was so short and once I was getting into it I had to go buy the next one and so on and so forth.

The Natural Sciences and American Scientists in the Revolutionary Era: A Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)

Love all of Chris's books. He's a great story teller. He really knows how to pull in the reader, didn't want to put it down till I read the whole thing and I was kinda disappointed at the end. But it was a really good book one I will probably read again.

Approaches to Controlling Air Pollution (MIT Press)

It is a pretty good book, wish there would have been some more character development. Also, would have liked to read from his point of view as well.

The Crown Prosecution Service: Gatekeeper of the Criminal Justice System (HC)

One of the most emotionally touching books I have ever read. The author's story is heartbreaking. Yet her strength reinforces one's faith in the human capacity to survive against great odds.

The Gumnuts' Year

fantastic book. much MUCH better than i expected, frankly... chock full of wisdom and wit. will be having my clients read!

Oxford Comprehensive Mathematics: Tchrs' Bk. 1 (Oxford mathematics)

Jecks writes good books. They are well researched detailed and convey the period and the social system. This one lives up to his reputation but is a trifle strained in the story line.

Introduction to Electronics: A Basic Approach

I loved it it was another great book I can't wait to read the next book I'm so very excited.

Delays to the New National Insurance Recording System: Report, Proceedings, Minutes of Evidence and Appendices (House of Commons Papers)

It is a nice book, some insight as to why people married mail order brides. It was a little unrealistic but overall not a bad story. It held my interest and the heroine was a nice , strong , independant person and I liked that about her. A survivor.

Alphabet Tracing Books: Letter Tracing Practice Book For Preschoolers, Kindergarten (Printing For Kids Ages 3-5)(5/8” Lines, Dashed)

Very good book makes you think and believe that it could possibly be true.Waiting for the next book in the series

Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks 2015, 2017-2018 Update

Looking for you was a great book. I loved the story line and it keep you going. I bought all her other books and they are all amazing. Lighthearted and fun reads

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Search: Building intelligent applications and perform enterprise searches

This has been a favorite book with my children. I plan on sharing it with a group of people for a special project that is in the works.

Transport Pioneers Of The Twentieth Century : Interviews Recorded By The Transport Trust

This is a great book to read. The only part i didn't like was that everyone was stronger then merry But everything else was great.Laurell always leaves you guessing and waiting for the next book to come out.She is just a great authur.

Nationalism and sexuality: Crises of identity (American studies in Greece)

Book is awesome. I just love vampire books. I had got this for my kindle app on my iPad and it is a good book

Legal Opinions in International Transactions:Report of the Subcommittee on Legal Opinions of the Committee on Banking Law of the Section on Business (International Bar Association Series)

Very good book in the prepper Doomsday genre. I really enjoyed itand the presentation of characters and information. Would recommend highly.Looking forward to future volumes.

La protection juridictionnelle dans l'Espace OAPI: De la nécessité d'une Cour africaine de propriété intellectuelle (French Edition)

Not as great as the first 2 or 3 by Martin, but a great book in a great series of books. Martin lives up to his reputation of always keeping you guessing by putting his character through situations that change their lives.

Radiology Today

Again this is a great book to read during Christmas break, I would lend to friends and family well written.

The Diffusion of GIS in Journalism: Examining the Diffusion and Adoption of Applied Media Technology

Interesting. and a good book for people who lose a pet.Im not a writer. Dont tell me how many words to write.

English Loan Translations in Polish (Studies in Language, Culture and Society)

Not the best book I've ever read but definitely held my interest to the end. Since I've read every book in the Scarpetta series I feel like I know all of the characters and always enjoy learning the next challenge in their lives.

Die Revokation Des Edikts Von Nantes Und Die Protestanten in Südostfrankreich (Provence Und Dauphiné) 1685-1730 (Pariser Historische Studien) (German Edition)

Another great book and looking forward to many more. These books in the series are hard to put down.