New Perceptions of the Vietnam War: Essays on the War, the South Vietnamese Experience, the Diaspora and the Continuing Impact

This is a great book. Amber is timid ad try to disappear but Trace is always the center of attention. This is a great romance and wonderful story. I love Trace and his personality. The crazy love and protectiveness. This is an awesome book

Buddhism in Translation: Passages Selected from the Buddhist Sacred Books

It was a great book. Loved reading it and I couldn't put it down till the end. I will definitely recommend reading.

Star Wars Who's Who: A Pocket Guide to the Characters of the Star Wars Trilogy

This was one of the best books I have ever read. The concept that is covered in Go for no is one that demands to be explored. Once you know that no is fastest way to yes and overcome the fear of hearing no, the doors will be opened.

Private Life of Kim Philby: The Moscow Years

One of the best books I've ever read, particularly if you are fasting. It takes away the legalism so many of us attach to fasting and puts the focus where it should be. Excellent read...I've recommended it to many friends.

Ancholme Valley (Explorer Maps)

A really good book, but really a kids book. This is a bit of a toned down version of the authors first book Eva's Story. I wish I had known what type of book it was before I bought it, but it was still a good read.

Conflicting Loyalties in Early Medieval Bavaria: A View of Socio-Political Interaction, 680-900 (Church in Early Medieval Europe)

This is a great book from a different angle that keeps you hanging until the end. Grisham continues to write great books with imagination even after making it to the bigtime.

Boss Of Brightlands (Magna Library Series)

This is a great book. Would recommend to anyone. It captured my attention very quickly. Can't wait for the next one.

Word Magic (Computer Wizards)

I liked the story line and the characters. Not so much into the message of gun control at the end but other than that, a pretty good book...

Derek Jeter (Sports Heroes)

Good book that I use again and again, especially for the vegetable encyclopedia. Great information about each vegetable or herb.

Floyd on Italy

Great book by profilic author. Author keeps you reading on and on. Imaginative and inventive. Great for everone. Highly recommend for everyone.

Complete Atlas of Railway Station Names

I got this for my mom so I have not read it yet but she said it is a good book

Cold Welcome in Paradise (Black Horse Western)

Hi folks,This is a very good book.I read it cover to cover and I learned about the three types of love. I learned a whole lot of new vocabulary because the author is well versed on his material and writes from applied knowledge. To talk a boxing match is one thing, to step into the ring with an opponent and apply boxing is another. The author writes through application.

Managing the sea's living resources: Legal and political aspects of high seas fisheries (Studies in marine affairs)

I read it in one day, even though I have two kids, had to work, and cook and clean. That usually doesn't happen, even with really good books, but I could not put this one down!

All You Need Is Love: and 99 Other Life Lessons from Classic Rock Songs

It's one of those books that you just can't put down. I was mad when I realized I was too sleepy and hand to put it down lol! Yes, this is on my best books I've ever read list!

Student Solutions Manual for Hildebrand/Ott's Statistical Thinking for Managers, 4th

This is a great book with pictures that is easily understood. Learned lots about sea horses and sea dragons. Interesting.

Analysis of DNA (Analytical Techniques in the Sciences (Ants))

Wonderful book to read. I loved you having two heroines. It was a very special book to read.Kept you on the edge of your seat and wondering what was going to happen next. Absolutely loved it.

Analysis of Steroid Hormone Drugs: 1st

for seekers of truth. excellent true story. am glad many have written about this amazing modern prophet. wonderful book. love it.

The Political Economy of Global Sporting Organisations (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)

A friend recommended The Political Economy of Global Sporting Organisations (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy). I read it in about a week, as much of it is information about the different homeopathic remedies and their uses.However, the information in the first 60 pages or so was a real eye-opener for me.The principles apply to human beings as well, and I have found it useful for us as we do not particularly care for traditional western culture medicine.

The Saviors

Narcolepsy for most of us has been nothing but a joke, the sleepy head dropping his face into the soup bowl. The Saviors turns the joke on you, for believing this foolishness and for chuckling at an illness that is far from a laughing matter. Instead, we come to realize the complexity and seriousness of this debilitating disease. It's a great read, well written and engrossing.

Symmetry of Polycentric Systems: The Polycentric Tensor Algebra for Molecules (Lecture Notes in Physics)

I love this story line, Rook is growing into a stronger woman. I cannot decide who I want her to end up with. Probably, Ronin not sure about Ford yet. I am definitely reading the 3 book in their story. Loved Symmetry of Polycentric Systems: The Polycentric Tensor Algebra for Molecules (Lecture Notes in Physics)!