Relationship Magic: The Secret to Happily Ever After

This is a wonderful book written by a great and knowledgable man. It all comes down to personal humility. Remember what is taught here and refer back to it. Reflect on what is taught and apply the principles and you will notice a change.

The Satan Hunter

short but good .Real good book can't wait to read the rest of the series, :) on to the next.

The Abraham Man: Growth and Development of Forensic Psychiatry

This is a great book. I bought it for a friend but looked it over and there are good recipes in it.

A Cage of Bones

Pretty good book. I enjoyed it and followed it with the second book. I can recommend it. It kept my interest throughout.

Bridge of Allan 1896: Stirlingshire Sheet 10.07 (Old O.S. Maps of Stirlingshire)

One of my three granddaughters' favorite books. And their Mimi loves it as well. Such an awesome way to teach our savior's love for us.

Expectant Creativity CB

This was a really good book. It was nice in the end how Emma realised that her mom wanted to have fun with her not just to watch over her.

Current Neurology: v. 9

A very entertaining and good book to read a lot of action very likable people. The environment is very creative and twisted.

The Unknown Swedes: A Book About Swedes and America, Past and Present

As a beginning runner it was very interesting to get a lot of good quality information. I feel like it has a lot of applications even outside of running. You can tell the author has a huge passion for all things surrounding the fitness of running, and goes about it in a scientific way. Great book!

Under Cover for Wells Fargo: The Unvarnished Recollections of Fred Dodge (The Western Frontier Library Series)

Great book, a page turner. I really enjoyed the story.

killing rage: Ending Racism (Owl Book)

I have made fabric beads , with and without embellishing, but this wonderful book goes beyond anything I have done and has gotten my creative juices flowing. Can't wait to get started.

Rose Is Rose: Full House

This is a great book. I could not put it down. As a mother, I was moved by Barbara's need to leave something for her girls. The characters are very complicated and the author gives great insight to each of them.

Midlife Manual for Men Group Leader's Kit: Finding Significance in the Second Half (Life Transitions)

At least, it's a good book for the child in all of us. And if you happen to be a young one, have a good time reading it.

Border Collie Puppies 2006 Calendar

Wow! A fast paced and cute book, with lots of twists and turns. Such a busy book I had to read it twice to make sure I did not overlook any clues. I have to say I think this is her best book, but maybe that's because I liked the characters so much and they have struggled through so many previous books.A great read, I could not put it down until I finished it.

Ainslie's Complete Hoyle: Rules, Strategies, Scoring, Bidding, Betting Systems

This was one of my favorite books while I was a teenager--an elaborate plot, love, betrayal, wealth, what else can a teenager want. That is why I am giving it 5 stars. Would I read and appreciate it now as much as I did when I was younger--no. I am much more mature and knowledgeable to accept and enjoy the complicated twists, turns, and coincidences.

The Dominance of Management: A Participatory Critique (Voices in Development Management)

This was a good book about a sad time in US history. It was an eye opening look at this sad time.

Blood Trails

Great book ! It was nice to see it having a much different ending than what I thought it would be. A must read!

Landed Interest and the Supply of Food

Clever story deftly written and pure Grisham. Really good characters and crazy impossible events. But very entertaining. Nice to escape from the noise of the every day news with a good book. This one is pure fun.

Computer Interfacing: Connection to the Real World

i have to say it was a good book not one of noras best but it wwas interesting to see how it actually turned out

The Proverbs Principle

Good book for a light read. Book 3 of the trilogy and I wanted to see what was happening next.

Lords of Destruction (Frank Frazetta's death dealer series)

fantastic book. moyers is an unbelievabel journalist and a true american citizen. he has served his country in government and in public life. a wonderful writer and excellent speaker.