Suite for Supriya

Great book - very interesting suspenseful and thrilling - unexpected ending - made you want to go back and read it again because you felt you missed something yet you understand - sort of a sad story actually

Day for Night

Great book with lots of pix and useful information. Wife says it's helped her greatly adding chiles to her cooking.

Daily Dose of the American Dream

It's a great book for any magickal person.I can't be more complete than that because I haven't read it all yet. I'm only on the 1st chapter.

Golden Foot (Spanish Edition)

great follow up to me cindrella. Brynn and Eliot are great together. Sometime I think they are too smart if that is possible. But in the end they win. Love the hea. great book and cant wait to read more from aubrey

Scott 2011 U.S. Pocket Stamp Catalogue

A beauty so very good reading. Had read other one of the 2 book series, and couldnt wait to get the next. It is a real book turner, as all of hers are. Once again I learn new things that are true, altho it being a novel written with christian values, not ashamed for someone to ask what I am reading. Wonderful book.

Child's Garden of Verses

This was a great book. Greg was so romantic, the love story hot, sister Anna a pleasant addition, and a heroine that seemed set in her ways at first but true love persuaded her otherwise. That and a confession from her sister! Highly recommend.

Maryland Jury Instructions (Bernan Case Summaries Series)

Very good book. You get too know the story of Marius, and know why he does certain things in a certain way. You really get to know him very well.

The Painter's Wife

Great book great writing! Can't wait to read the next book by this author. Love the way the people come out strong.

Progressive Teaching in Primary School (New direction in education)

This was a very enjoyable book. The way it was written it never got too depressing even tho the heroine had many setbacks happen to her at once. She managed to overcome them with humor and changed her life for the better. A feel good book.

The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist VIII: A Handlist of Manuscripts containing Middle English Prose in Oxford College Libraries

This is another good book but just not quite as good as the first two books in the series. Its lacks a bit of pace and spends a bit too much time in the past. But I'll definitely buy the next book in the series and am looking forward to it.

Bucklow Rural District official guide

Good book, met the author, is very nice,gets ideas from her is. Fun book, good for kids who don't really look reading, and is very exciting.

GP2 - Bastien Music Through The Piano Book 1 Reading

This is a sad, but good book.

Safety Assessment of Genetically Engineered Fruits and Vegetables: A Case Study of the Flavr Savr Tomato

I just love the whole series and now am bumd its over they where some of the best books that came out I give them all a great read.Enjoy

Harrap's Spanish Verbs

I am 69 and have enjoyed reading the stories. I didn't know there were so many stories about OZ. It would be a really good book for younger people too.

Student's Life Application Bible: New Living Translation, hardcover

This is a great book to read not only for the beginning of school, but for those winter breaks to remind students about school and classroom rules,

Technical Drawing

Really good book, Like the characters and challenges that Collins faces. Good humor, the Kermit character and plot make it a great read. Waiting for more!!

Called to Be Saints

Such a great book. The characters were very alive, and I felt for each one. As people have said before me, this needs to be mandatory reading in high schools.

More Horse and Pony Stories (Red Hot Reads)

Short story, however I love them! I have plenty of books that draw their stories out a very long time. There is none of that here, this is just the great story you have without any unnecessary drama in-between. It's a feel great book and a really great read.

ABC British Railways Motive Power Combined Volume Spring 1963 (v. 1963)

First off.. Cruise sounds extremely sexy and sweet!! Some typo's and misspellings but overall great book! Has a good amount of humor mixed with romance.

The Promise

Good book, but not memorable.