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If you want to write lit fic, this is Orient Travel Guide for you. And the example of his own story, in its well written final form and his first terrible pass, blew me away. He helped me to see why one was good and the other just serviceable.

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It's a compendium of all kind of life form in planet earth.Very colorful and beautiful book.A lot of pages with beautiful illustrations and photos. Joanne always writes a great book and added to her writing are always those new awesome recipes that you just have to try. Don't forget cat and his antics another good read to relax with even at the beach

Like all of Lori's work, Orient Travel Guide was pure reading pleasure from start to finish and hard to put down. Take advantage of the free myportdesign.ml download, and you will want to read the entire series like I did. I can't wait for the next release! Albeit short, Orient Travel Guide doesn't leave you in limbo and literally keeps you on the run the entire time. While this is clearly just the beginning of the adventure for Miranda and Cass and Chloe and Elliot, it definitely leaves me wanting more.The stage is set with interesting villains.**borrowed from a friend using myportdesign.ml's loaning system**


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