There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace

TextBook There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace

I loved There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace. Hot story, Hot guy, Hot sex. What's not to love? I would read more from this author ANY time!!!

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Wow what a great book! I couldn't put it down and now I hate that I have to wait a month for the next one. You will love Jack yum yum! The heroine is awesome too, not annoying and totally loveable. An amazing read full of lust, steamy but real sex, love, and heart break! Hello!!! Who doesn't want a strong gorgeous man to protect and ravishing them. Such a good book, Jonah and Raven are well matched.They're love scenes are so hot hot hot you will want to 're read them just to get a proper visual!

I enjoyed There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace immensely. If you've ever laughed at some of the reviews on, you'll love this. Lots of wacky humor presented in a unique way and it they are linked in a way that tells a story. I had gotten the first book and liked it so much I got the set. Beware poop will be involved with some winky jokes. A note to the author..... I'm a ginger and in the US we are cool!! Lol. Angela


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