Theophilus North: A Novel

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I enjoy fun and adventurous stories that you can easily immerse yourself in Theophilus North: A Novel wherever you left off. This was one of those books. Started another one of her books and noticed she incorporated same people, when writer's do that I enjoyed Theophilus North: A Novel so much I did not want to put it down. I would recommend it and will buy more of her books.

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What a great book! I look forward to sharing it with my grandchildren for Christmas. This is one of the better books I have read about the OSS operations in a theatre that is rarely considered.It lacks the impact of the first book in the series but is also a good book.

I got Theophilus North: A Novel to study some Calculus at home, I like Theophilus North: A Novel, I find it easy to read and friendly to the reader, I got Theophilus North: A Novel used and it was in good condition with some minor wear, great book so glad I found it on


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