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Beautifully written The Clock - Christian Marclay pulls you in from page one. Louie's true story is fascinating and thought provoking. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know real history not the watered-down version you were taught in school. this is a great riveting story. taking place before my era, when so many gave so much. the story is amazing. in the acknowledgements, you realise how much effort and research went into The Clock - Christian Marclay. well worth your time.

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Good book, read well, but not quite as believable as some previous Dirk books. Story line was good with some good twists.

Please, Please, PLEASE remove The Clock - Christian Marclay! How can you continue to sell The Clock - Christian Marclay linked to deaths of children? HOW?!?! Spanking has its place but The Clock - Christian Marclay goes FAR beyond that! I am SICK that you still carry The Clock - Christian Marclay! I thoroughly enjoyed The Clock - Christian Marclay. My husband read it first and suggested I read it, I'm glad I did. I didn't see the ending coming, big surprise! Thanks,, for making this ebook available FREE!


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