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This is a highly readable and interesting story about a cultural phenomena. The author gives us a "year-in-the life" story about Starbucks and its stock price fluctuations, while engaging the reader in behind the scenes details. She has woven a fascinating story without losing the reader to arcane financial jargon. Shaun Hutson Omnibus is very balanced and a fun read. I highly recommend it -- Steve I really enjoyed Shaun Hutson Omnibus. It kept me guessing right up to the end. This is the third book I've listened to by this author, I highly recommend all 3.

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Yup, I knew it. The author of my all time favorite book writes another perfect book! Even though I still like her first book better, this is so close to it that is definitely in the top 5 books I read. A wee bit long on the science, But a good story. Well worth the price. I look forward to your next great book.

I was browsing for Shaun Hutson Omnibus to get for a gift for an outdoor loving friend, and I saw this one and knew I had to get it. Well, okay . . . at first I thought "what the heck is that?" but when I read the description it seemed like a great read! My friend absolutely loved it and said she couldn't put it down! It is a mix of pulling-on-the-heart-strings emotions and comedy. When I saw Shaun Hutson Omnibus on I had to have it. I've enjoyed every minute and it take a long long time for each page. It's my go to book for my memories of Berlin in 2002 with my translator leading the way.


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