Practical Conflicts

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I like the WHO books where time is explored.The only real issue I had was that Amy did some very stupid things. I get that it was a plot point, but by this time in her companion experience, I would have thought she knew better then that.Eh. that's my problem.Enjoy Practical Conflicts.

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..Hard to put down some very clever writing. Twists in story not expected.I am looking forward to another good book Another great book. But there is still so much left unknown. Now what is going to happen. But great story. I love Chris. Highly recommend

How can something that is 33 pages long be called Practical Conflicts ? even free of charge i would never download such a short story ,and its high time that had a section for these type of stories.And too take anything shorter than 250 pages out of Practical Conflicts section,this is no slight on the auther,i am sure from the reviews that its a good ,Very short story.


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